Agda Studios

AGDA was founded by Caroline Beckman in 2023. AGDA is a sustainable swimwear brand that blends Scandinavian minimalism with femininity, offering timeless and versatile pieces that enhances the beauty of the female silhouette. Luxurious and minimalist bikinis and one-pieces designed in Sweden.


AGDA needed to have a e-commerce store which looks good, loads fast all around the world and easy to administer. We also now from the start that the store should be integrated to an external warehouse. We worked together with the founder to evaluate different systems. There was also some customer requirements. E.g, when a customer wants to buy a certian piece and the item is out of stock. The customer can then enter their email address and recives and email when the item comes back in stock.

Our solution

After intense evaluate our proposal become Shopify,
Shopify is a good system for someone to get started in the e-commerce industry. Some of the things we did in the project:

  • Created the initial store
  • Created a total custom design that fits the audience.
  • Added support for multiply languages and currency’s.
  • Developed custom integrations with Shopifys API’s.
  • Educated the customer in the system