Stålhästen is a Swedish bikeshop located in Stockholm. Their business started as an ecommerce store in 2010. A few years later they opened their first store in Stockholm.

We have helped Stålhästen to automate their order flow. They previously had cases where other retailers sent emails to their customer support, and the customer support then created the order manually in their ERP-system,

Our solution

Our solutions remove the manual step, and the orders is now created automatically in their ERP-system, this saves a lot of personel-time.

For this integration to work we created a plugin which is integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce (WordPress). When an order is placed and payment is confirmed, the order is automatically sent to their ERP-system and warehouse for futher processing.

We also developed a plugin which gives the capability to create bonus-products. When a customer buys a certain product, another product is then added to the order automatically.

We thank Stålhästen for the collaboration.